Mary Sue Kern
artist statement

Being a collector, a scavenger and a salvager, I am constantly seduced by discarded, worn-out and unwanted remnants from our existence.


As technology changes so rapidly today, there is a constant flow of discarded materials for me to access. The collection and disassemblage process is an integral part of the work and as relevant as the transformation and the final image. My intent is to provide a second chance for these one-time prized posessions.


The twenty first century's technology is currently diminishing people's dependency on books as a resource for information. Many of these unwanted encyclopedias and textbooks have fallen into my collections; thanks to the good friends of the public library.


The bound book installation persuaded me to further explore the malleability of the book. The work that has followed is known as The Rebound. The pages of the book once lived as a tree; thus I treat them as pieces of wood by cutting, gluing, screwing, stacking, painting and creating a new dialogue.


There now appears to be boundless opportunities and volumes of viable images at hand.